Modern Slavery Document

Modern Slavery Document
This is the first Modern Slavery Statement made by Dovepark Properties Limited and covers from November 2020.  Our financial year end is June 30th. We wish to show our commitment to stamping out modern slavery and human trafficking and play our part in this process.
Dovepark Properties Ltd. is a standalone housing provider that works wholly on Comer Homes Group developments. Dovepark Proprieties Ltd. mission is to provide high quality properties within the intermediate rental scheme in coalition with local authorities. The intermediate rental scheme provides affordable homes to rent to those who have applied and qualified based on the criteria set by the local authority. Dovepark Proprieties Ltd. is supplied property through the extensive property portfolio of the Comer Group and its subsidiaries. Dovepark Proprieties Ltd. is committed to working to provide quality homes to those that might not otherwise have the financial ability to access them.
Dovepark Proprieties Ltd. is based in the UK and has one operating office. It has a Board of 6 directors and has no employees. Dovepark Properties Ltd, is allocated properties that are constructed, managed by the Comer Group and their subsidiaries. Dovepark Proprieties Ltd. does not employ personnel to perform these tasks, but uses the resources of those companies to carry out these tasks for Dovepark.
Please visit, which will outline and provide the commitment of the Group and subsidiary companies to our Modern Slavery statement.
Contractors of Dovepark Proprieties Ltd. may use suppliers as defined in the first and second tier.
Policies and Modern Slavery Act Statements are requested upon registering contractors and any appropriate enquiries raised.
Sourcing of Raw Materials > 1st grade Supplier
1st grade suppliers of Dovepark Proprieties Ltd. are defined, as those that use and source raw materials.
Upon contracting a supplier Dovepark Proprieties Ltd. will request their Policies and Modern Slavery Act Statement and raise any appropriate enquiries.  
Manufacturer > 2nd grade supplier
2nd grade supplier of Dovepark Proprieties Ltd. is defined, as those that supply and manufacture goods.
Upon contracting a supplier Dovepark Proprieties Ltd. will request their Policies and Modern Slavery Act Statement and raise any appropriate enquiries.  
Dovepark Proprieties Ltd. is committed to avoiding modern slavery and human trafficking.
Dovepark Proprieties Ltd. uses Comer Group companies and subsidiary companies, to instruct work and subsequent recruitment to source properties and staff to administer the intermediate rent scheme. We have reached out to all third-party contractors and requested their T&C’s, to ensure any work performed on behalf of Dovepark Proprieties Ltd. is compliant.
Due Diligence
We have undertaken a review of our supply chain and, going forward, will annually review our supply chain for any changes in our suppliers or contractors’ activities and geographical locations which might indicate a concern.  Whenever we take on a new supplier, we will review their terms and conditions and check their position on modern slavery, their geographical base and the source of their supplies, in particular checking for high risk areas geographically. Most of our suppliers are based within the UK, which we deem as mostly low risk.
With regard to our recruitment processes, Dovepark Ltd. does not employ staff, however work is instructed and carried out by the Comer Group and its subsidiaries. We consider this process to be low risk, but we will review our processes annually and additionally in the event of a concern arising.
Risk Assessment and Management
In producing this statement, we have reviewed our business and carried out a risk assessment. We have concluded that our operations, employment processes and supply chain are low risk. This risk assessment will be reviewed annually, by the Board or more frequently in the event of changes to our operations, employment processes or in our supply chains which might change the risk profile.
Key Performance Indicators:
Dovepark Proprieties Ltd. has identified the following KPI’s to focus on tackling the issue of modern slavery.
  • Obtaining detailed supplier information, which will confirm all suppliers have confirmed and adhere to Dovepark Proprieties Ltd. standards and position on Modern slavery.
  • Instituting an effective reporting system to ensure any concerns and reports of Modern Slavery are notified to us.
  • Appointing modern slavery ambassadors within the company to continue to monitor future suppliers, contractors and continue internal awareness and training.
This year we have produced sessions for our contractors on the Modern Slavery Act and our policies. We presented to each member regarding our policies, invited them to ask questions and then gave them a copy for their records. UK Government supplied posters and information leaflets were used to provide more information. This enabled contractors’ staff on site and within the office to spot the signs of Modern Slavery and create an environment of safe practice.
A board member and a modern slavery ambassador will have training and be able to deliver the appropriate materials to the Company suppliers and contractors with particular focus on a managed pre-recruitment process to offset and mitigate any risk.
Actions for the future
Dovepark Proprieties Ltd. is committed to increase its awareness and understanding of the risks that Modern Slavery cause in a supply chain. This will be accomplished in the coming year by following the actions outlined below:
  • Educating current Board members, contractors and their staff and, if hired in the future, our own employees on the signs Modern Slavery and Child Labour.
  • Continuing to review all contracts we have with suppliers and contractors to ensure safe practice is in place.
  • Continue to develop policies on an annual basis, and more frequently in response to any concerns which may arise, to anticipate and mitigate any risks.