Who we are

Dovepark Properties provides good quality homes within Comer Homes Group developments for those who could not otherwise afford them.

Dovepark Properties appreciates the positive impact that good quality housing has on the lives of families and the communities; Dovepark Properties also appreciates the positive contribution made by the residents of intermediate affordable housing to the communities that are developed; we wish to support this contribution and to enable participation wherever reasonably possible.

Dovepark Properties is committed to diversity, inclusivity and equality in all of its dealings and developments.

Expanding access

Dovepark Properties is committed to bringing forward access to an increasing range of tenants who share our desire to hold quality homes within many of the best developments in the country. Parkland settings and amenity space form the backbone of the Comer Homes Group commitment to living spaces suitable for 21st century professional lifestyles.

Dovepark Properties staff share these objectives and actively pursue their reasonable achievement. Service delivery is their main motivation and key performance indicator. Driven by sustainable and cohesive communities Dovepark Properties is a new enterprise being established with the direct support and assistance of the Comer Homes Group. Our mission, as driven and enhanced by the commitment of our Directors, is to enhance the sustainability of Comer Homes Group developments by allowing for access to families and individuals who might not otherwise have the financial ability.

Dovepark Properties fully intend to expand on these opportunities across an enlarging range of developments Dovepark Properties is a for profit company, but any surplus is intended to be ploughed back into the acquisition of additional high quality stock, thereby allowing for the envisaged expansion.

Dovepark Properties has a clear and unequivocal Code of Conduct which the board members (and all staff members) are expected to adhere to; this includes compliance with the provisions of the Bribery Act 2010.

Our customers and our team

Dovepark Properties has an expanded policy of “getting to know” our customers as much as we do with our own staff members. Whilst the roles are different, customers (tenants) and staff all fulfil a role in making the housing and the living experience the best it can be for all concerned.

Energy efficiency is a specific area where everyone can contribute in terms of choices and ideas.